Tauranga Jan 3rd - 10th 2021



RimuFest NZ is a one week summer chamber music programme for beginner to advanced string players between the ages of 7-18. Students come together in a social setting using teamwork and leadership skills to create music together.  


Chamber music is one of the most beneficial, supportive and fun ways to improve your playing. Not only will students refine fundamental skills such as rhythm, pitch, timing and dynamics, but chamber music also develops creative thinking, co-ordination, memorisation, social and emotional skills.


The 2021 programme will run from January 3rd - 10th in Tauranga. RimuFest includes daily coachings and rehearsals as well as private lessons, technique classes, masterclasses, rhythm classes and Yoga.

How RimuFest started

The idea of RimuFest formed in 2017 when Amelia Taylor wanted to pass on her passion for chamber music to other students. Along with her husband Alejandro Larumbe (from Mexico) they toured Mexico with their chamber collective Arcasonia. After a few Arcasonica tours in Mexico it was evident that the students of Mexico were eager to learn and that there were not many opportunities for students to get together to play chamber music together, especially in such a special setting. Amelia and Alejandro contacted friends and colleagues Charlotte Ketel and Alexa Thomson to form the Harikoa quartet and that's how the first RimuFest came into being in Veracruz Mexico 2019. After many Skype meetings and organizing, RimuFest Mexico 2019 received 19 students creating 5 groups. 

Amelia also realised that there was not such a festival offered in New Zealand for ages 10-18 years, so began the idea to bring Rimufest to New Zealand. Tauranga being the hometown of Amelia and Charlotte had deep roots and strong connections and the wish to give back to the country and pass on their love and passion for chamber music, Tauranga presented itself as the perfect location.


RimuFest NZ will include a chamber music programme for young students along with a concert series (Its just as important to observe great artists). Concerts will take place around Tauranga in a variety of different venues featuring the Harikoa quartet, guest artists and a student concert.